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How to be an organisation that thrives in the future

I am researching and writing a white paper on how organisations can be better - as employers and in terms of their impact on society and on the environment.

What is classed as "success" for an organisation has changed and continues to change. Purpose, people and passion are among key areas which are being used by employees and citizens to evaluate organisations. Whether trying to attract customers, or a talented and engaged workforce, or trying to retain staff these are areas where it is essential to focus time, thought and energy to get things right.

My white paper will inspire innovation in the areas of health and wellbeing, community, work/ life balance, altruism/ purpose, addressing inequalities, and sustainability - all of these areas include exciting opportunities for organisations to progress and do great things. You can expect case studies of best in practice organisations, and findings from published research, expert interviews, and an online survey.

Talking of survey results... if you would like to have your say about how you would like to see work life change, and what you would like from organisations, please take my survey - you have until the end of the week. I really hope to hear from you (although I won't know because of course responses will remain anonymous).


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