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How I do my research

My market research and trend analysis is thorough and in depth; I conduct primary market research to listen to peoples' views, and I curate and analyse information from a vast range of secondary sources.

Methodologies and sources I use include:

  • One-on-one interviews with people - for example customers of a specific brand, those from particular interest groups, or with specific behaviours and/or attitudes and needs, or from different life stages and/or demographics or locations.

  • Interviewing experts – thought leaders, senior industry leaders, academics, influencers. For example for my 'Future of work' white paper.

  • Desk/library research – publicly available data, literature reviews, white papers, published market research, Google search data, web stats, social media analysis, existing trend analysis. I also produce case studies and I scan today’s culture e.g. bestsellers rankings.

  • Online surveys.

  • Online communities and WhatsApp groups.

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