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Graffiti reads "If you're reading this it's time for change"


I work across all sectors. My recent projects and areas of interest include: workplaces, HR & people strategy, D&I, sustainability, community, making places and spaces work for people, tech for good, education, wellness, travel, family and charities and not-for-profits.

To conduct my market research and trend analysis I ask questions such as:

  • What are people’s issues and needs?                                                  

  • How are people’s expectations changing and what do people want/expect (from organisations, spaces, life etc)?                           

  • What are the trends affecting specific groups/tribes of people? 

  • What are the trends affecting businesses and consumers in specific sectors?

  • How are brands innovating? 

  • What are ‘leading edge’ brands doing?

  • What are competitors/ other brands doing? 

  • What are the trends in other markets?                                                 

  • What is the likely direction of travel?


You can find out more about my trends research here and you can read testimonials of my work here

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