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Through my research and writing I am here to help you:

  • Further your own and others understanding of perspectives, needs and topics.

  • Demonstrate your expertise and future vision, and inspire innovation and change.

  • Turn information and complex topics into fresh, easy to read, engaging and impactful content (including reports, white papers, articles, blog posts, case studies and Q&A).

Want to feel uplifted and inspired by fresh thinking and innovation? Head to my Substack called 'Lift Up'.

Want evidence that doing better business leads to financial success? See the white paper I wrote - 'Future of work: how to be an organisation that thrives'.


📈 Nearly 20 years’ experience producing high quality research and research and trend-based content.

🎓 2.1 degree in Geography from Durham University, studied Freelance Journalism and Feature Writing at London School of Journalism.

🖋️ Areas of focus include: tech, media, workplaces and culture, D&I, sustainability, community, making places and spaces work for people, education, health, wellness, travel, family and charities and not-for-profits.

My full CV is on LinkedIn.

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