The future of work: how to be an organisation that thrives

My research among over 1,000 people in the UK shows:

Half of us do not consider our level of focus or productivity at work to be good. 


Over half say their mental health is not good. 

1 in 4 have high levels of stress or anxiety

These stats are alarming both from a social point of view and in terms of the impact on organisation effectiveness and success.  

This whitepaper will show you that doing better by employees, society and the environment is not only the right thing to do but will drive future organisational success. It will equip you with the insights and inspiration you need to support and get the best from people who work for you so that you can approach the future with confidence and optimism. 

Employees unmet needs and opportunities for employers to address these are presented. You can also expect answers to these questions:

Where should organisations be focusing their energies to be best placed for a successful future?

How can organisations increase staff motivation, focus and productivity levels?

What are the benefits to organisations of focusing on the health and wellbeing of staff?

What should organisations be doing to look after their staff and to get the best out of them?

How and why should organisations contribute towards making the planet a better place?

How and why should organisations do better in the areas of diversity and inclusion?

How are organisations innovating and what inspiring case studies can be learnt from? 

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How have these questions been answered? By combining survey results with findings from interviews with experts in workplace wellbeing and culture, as well as a literature review and case studies of inspiring and best in practice organisations from around the world.


The whitepaper is a beautifully designed 46 page document, published in January 2022. It is available to buy now for £500. Click below to buy a copy or to download a shorter preview version for free.